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Book Your Holiday Party With Barleycorn’s

Are you in charge of planning your office holiday party but don’t know where to go? Consider Barleycorn’s! Whether you want to come to one of our locations for a fun lunch or evening out or prefer to have us come to your location, we’re happy to accommodate. Browse our holiday party options, choose which you prefer, and contact us for more information!


Barleycorn’s caters! As one of the Tri-State’s premier caterers, Barleycorn’s Select Event Catering is famous for our extensive menu and homemade selections. Our locations allow us to serve the entire Tri-State area, so whether you need hors d’oeuvres for an intimate holiday party or a seated dinner for employees and clients, Barleycorn’s Select Event Catering is at your service. We provide plates, silverware, and napkins, and take care of set up, bartending, and serving.

Book Your Party at Barleycorn’s

If you want to get out of the office for your party, we’re happy to have your entire group at any one of our restaurant locations. We’ll section off a part of the restaurant just for you. You can either order off the menu (preferable if your group is small) or enjoy a buffet-style meal similar to what we offer for catering.

No matter which option you prefer, you can count on Barleycorn’s to provide a hassle-free holiday party experience. Contact us to book your party or book catering today!

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