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A Brief History of Wings

Chicken wings are a crowd favorite, from classic to buffalo and everything in between. They are a staple of southern cooking but are enjoyed all across the country regardless of region. Have you ever wondered where the history of wings begins? For that, we have to go to Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY in 1964.

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Prior to the 1960s, the wing was considered one of the most useless parts of the chicken. Most often, they were either discarded entirely or sold for cheap to poor families who would make them into soup. In fact, the modern-day chicken wing as we know it was invented entirely by accident! Teressa Bellissimo, owner of the Anchor Bar, accidentally ordered wings instead of the necks she would put into soup. Rather than simply throw them away or request to exchange them for what she needed, her husband suggested she try to use them anyway.

Teressa decided to try something new. She dipped the wings in hot sauce, fried them, and served them to her son and his friends as a snack. When they instantly loved them, she began serving them in the bar. From there, they spread in popularity!

As the popularity of wings spread, so did the variety. People began battering them before putting them in the fryer, and they also began serving them with a variety of sauces. Thus, the modern chicken wing was born: thanks to a mistake!

Wings have always been a staple at Barleycorn’s, but it wasn’t until several years ago when we put a special twist on them. A regular at the restaurant who went by the name of Doc requested that the wings be fried as usual and then tossed them in hot sauce. When they came out, they weren’t crispy enough, and his server said they would make up a new batch for him. Doc said no, just throw the wings already covered in hot sauce back into the fryer. The server hesitantly brought them back to the kitchen and put them back in the fryer, much to the worry of the cook. The result: extra crispy, flavorful wings! We loved them so much – and so did other customers who started ordering the same thing – that we put them on our menu and named them after Doc himself.

Head over to Barleycorn’s today to try some of our famous Doc Style Wings and enjoy the fun atmosphere and friendly service we’re known for!

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